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Inhouse Projects

In this fast changing world the need for better solutions are becoming  a necessity. EIT Engineering will take a part of this, making the solutions you don't know that you need. Our ambition is to start one project per year 

Project 1

January 2020 EIT Engineering has gone into collaboration with Nilsen Technology for the first project.

Key contributor for this project is Nicklas Nilsen.


Nicklas  has a Masters degree in Applied Computer Science from NTNU Gjøvik. In his Master thesis he performed research connected to collaboration through a virtual reality platform. During his work with his thesis, he developed a virtual reality environment that allowed people to collaborate and use tools across several locations in the same environment.


 Our target is to utilize his experience to create an integrating application or multiple that can bring conventional Automation into the future.


The target here is not to make a digital twin, but a digital twin will somehow be a part of the total application. 

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