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We have successfully delivered good engineering, installation and commissioning for more than 40 years combined.

We have been working with everything from onshore EIT (Electrical, Instrument and Telecom) projects to some of the biggest Oil and Gas projects in modern time.


When we decided to start up our own company, we did this to be able to come directly in contact with you. To help your company to create the best solutions, based on experience and innovation.


Our greatest asset is our network.


We are  working together with some of the biggest companies within the field of Electrical, Automation, Instrumentation, Automation control systems and Telecom, all ready to help create the best solution for you.


Martin Linge

Hired to Equinor

SAS Commissioning Lead

Mariner A

Hired to Statoil

Telecom Commissioning Supervisor

Commissioning Engineer for SAS/PCS/PSD

Valemon Topside

Wood Group

Telecom Lead Engineer for System Design

Instrument / SAS System Responsible

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